Have you always wanted to have an at-home yoga practice but never felt quite sure how to start? I FEEL YOU!

the homegrown yogi

After convincing myself for years that the only way I could grow as a yogi was by going to a formal studio (something that wasn't an option in my regular schedule) and not making any progress, I realized that I could strengthen my practice without the hassles of having to find childcare, drive to a studio and pay money OR trying to figure out which youtube video I needed to follow that morning.  I desperately wanted to learn how to just meet myself on my mat and let my body move and breathe.

The problem was, I couldn't find ANY guide to help me do this easily.  I had to do so much research to figure out how to properly align myself or how to sequence a flow...even how to breathe the right way!   Ultimately, the easiest way for me to learn all of this information was to go through a 200HR  Yoga Teacher Training.  I knew from about the 2nd week in the 8 week program, my ultimate teaching goal wasn't to teach in a studio, but to teach people that were just like me, a busy human that just wanted to practice yoga, how to do it in their own homes without having to look to a teacher on a screen.

So now, I'm post training, working hard on making this goal become a reality.  I'm putting together a comprehensive eGuide, filled with all of the things I wish I would have known when I started my journey.  My hope is to release this in early fall 2018!

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