ashley manley, the homegrown yogi

hey, you!

i'm ashley, a mom, wife, gardener, photography nerd, camping-enthusiast, southerner-turned-midwesterner,  black coffee drinking, homegrown yogi.  i taught school for nearly a decade before leaving the classroom to stay home with my young kids (now 4 and 2) and  it has been during this season that I have found my yoga home practice.  the first few years I only believed I could have a strong yoga practice if I attended fancy studio classes, something that wasn't an option for me because of location and childcare. in 2017 I realized having a strong practice at home can be real thing, it just takes time and a whole helluva lot of dedication.  and much grace.

6-months later, I decided to go through a 200-hour yoga teacher training program to deepen my practice, and it was one of the best decisions ever.

currently, I practice physical yoga for 30-minutes to an hour almost every morning and spend one day for rest and a 10-20 minute meditation.  if you are laughing at that, i get it...i still think it's weird of me but it totally works.  because, kids.  I also teach classes at a local gym in Lacon, Illinois.

my hope with sharing my own yoga journey and practice is to inspire people like me, women that want to get into practice but getting to a studio isn't an option for them, that an at-home practice can be amazingly fruitful with a little effort and good vibes.

regardless of what brings you here,  I'm so happy you are.

with joy,