24 frames

The light was right and we weren't doing anything else.  24 frames goes fast. I decided to share them all, even the muddy ones, because perfection is overrated.

Kodak Tri-X 400, scanned and developed by me.

vacant space

I thought about letting my website become vacant space.  Do people really need a website if they don't have anything to sell? Then I thought, how lonely my photos would be if I was the only one that spent time with them.

Fuji Superia 800, developed and scanned by me.

arizona...not on film.

The Grand Canyon was so cold and cloudy the morning we visited and the red rocks of Sedona were so red and beautiful...I knew I could never do either justice with my camera.

Fuji XT2 and GoPro Hero5 Black.

To see the film images of our trip, go here.

arizona on film

the arizona desert in february on a variety of film stocks. developed and scanned in my home, by me.  not sure why I chose black and white for sedona, but live and learn.

35mm, holga 120, disposable fuji.

all flawed, and I'm good with that.

see the digital images of our trip here.